Time and Attendance

So many ways to save with time and labor

Employee labor is costly, but integrated time and labor can quickly reduce your costs. When you gain the ability to monitor, control, and understand your labor investment you can reduce overtime, theft of time and other administrative costs. Start paying employees accurately while increasing productivity
Time AND Attendance Solutions

Better, faster results with a unified solution.

No longer rely on spreadsheets, disparate timesheets or stand-alone timekeeping systems that aren’t fully integrated with your workforce’s data. With a solution that’s fully integrated across Payroll, HR and Benefits, you get better productivity from your staff, reduced administration, smarter compliance, and you’ll never have to manage different user names, passwords or worry about logging into multiple systems.

Reduce your cost of labor

Gain clear visibility of your labor expenses. Control wages and overtime by paying accurately and to the minute.

Reduce your cost of administration

Turn hours of administration into minutes with smart, accurate time tracking. Save countless hours across the organization.

Reduce your compliance risk

Minimize non-compliance risk. Streamline your FLSA, ACA and other compliance challenges with automation.

Increase employee productivity

Simplify time management, time off, and scheduling. Empower your employees to be accountable through convenient tools.

Time & labor… finally integrated with Payroll and HR

Experience the convenience of time data that flows seamlessly between Payroll, Benefits and HR. No need to export and import time data between payrolls. Now it’s easier than ever to set up your team, eliminate manual processing, data entry and other related issues. From HR to supervisors and employees, save your staff valuable hours so they can focus on productivity.

Time Clocks

Choose from a wide variety of clocks
to track time according to your needs
  • Mobile App
  • Webclock
  • Biometric
  • Employee PIN
  • Badge card swipe
  • Proximity badge
  • Biometric hand scanner
  • Telephone
electronic benefits enrollment for lcr hr cloud

GEO Tracking

Track employee punches through Geo tracking and Geo Fencing.

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