Business owners want to focus their time and energy on the “business of their business” and not on the “business of employment”





By joining a PEO, small to mid-size businesses can now reduce benefits costs, get easy access to payroll software
and reduce risk factors, while they grow their business. – Ultimately lowering labor costs!

Our Human Resource experts focus on keeping you in full compliance and assisting you in maintaining a well-balanced workforce.

Our Payroll and Payroll Tax solution will relieve you from calculating and remitting payroll taxes. Let us handle your payrolls and issue W2’s for you.

Allow employees to have access to our wide range of products that include Dental, Vision, Life, Fitness Memberships, Ancillary Products and Retirement Plans.

Our Risk & Safety team is ready to assess your worksite, make recommendations to keep a safe and healthy work environment and train your staff on safety standards

Our Timekeeping system, can track employee hours through our online timeclock, Biometric time clocks or use our Mobile feature to track through Geo Fencing.

The combination of HR Cloud and expert HR services from LCR will save countless hours every week on HR functions.



  • Spending too much time on payroll and tax reporting?
  • Chasing employee time cards?
  • Worried about potential employee injuries and out of pocket expenses?
  • Worried about potential employee lawsuits?
  • Paying too much for employee benefits?
  • Overwhelmed with the growing burden of employment law regulations and compliance?
Call LCR Resource, Inc. Together we can assist you in finding solutions that are a right fit for you and your company

Our Client Based Solutions, allow
small businesses to:

Grow up to 9% faster
Have up to 14% Lower Employee Turnover
Are 50% less likely to go out of Business


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