Electronic Onboarding

One of the first experiences an employee has when they join your company is the onboarding process. With LCR HR Cloud Onboarding, new employees have a great experience from day one. The new employee onboarding provides a simple, step-by-step process that can be completed on any device, from anywhere.


No more paper forms and no confusion.
Electronic Onboarding solutions by LCR Resource
Electronic Onboarding solutions by LCR Resource for mutiple business

Simple, Intuitive Design for a Great Experience

The easy-to-use, mobile-friendly interface ensures new employees can quickly and easily complete the onboarding process without assistance. It creates a great first impression of your business and gets employees onboarded faster.


All forms and documents associated with Onboarding are securely tracked and stored. Digital signatures can be easily captured for complete and auditable records.

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