Confined Space

10 Jul: Confined Space: Enter Carefully

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 136 workers died from incidents associated with confined spaces during 2015. Many workers encounter confined spaces at some point in their job. Some examples include tanks, vessels, storage bins, vaults, manholes, tunnels, duct-work and…

Fire Extinguishers

03 Jul: Fire Prevention and Response

A fire in the workplace is one of the most dangerous situations a worker can face. While the risk of a fire is present in every work area, construction sites are particularly susceptible. Unlike many completed buildings, construction sites frequently have…


26 Jun: Cuts, Punctures & Scrapes

You don’t have to work in a kitchen to be injured by a sharp object. From box cutters to table saws, there are plenty of opportunities for cuts, punctures and scrapes in all work environments. While all body parts could easily…