All Signs Point to a Safer Commute

Safer Commute

In 2019, not a day went by without a traffic-related fatality in Texas. On average, a life was lost once every 2 hours and 36 minutes on Texas roadways. We encourage you to protect yourself by following these tips whether you are driving on company or personal time.

  • Wear your seat belt. Buckle up every time, and make sure your passengers do the same, including those in the back seat.
  • Stay focused. Put your cell phone away, including hands-free devices. Avoid eating, combing your hair, putting on makeup and doing anything else that takes your focus off the task at hand.
  • Control your speed. Never attempt to make up lost time by speeding, and always adjust your speed when roads are slick, visibility is poor, you are hauling heavy loads, or you are driving in a work zone.
  • Wake up. Get at least seven hours of quality sleep before getting behind the wheel. If you get tired, pull over to a safe place and rest. On long trips, take a passenger who can share the driving responsibilities.
  • Drive sober. If you’ve been drinking, stay where you are, call a cab or ask a sober friend to pick you up. And remember that illegal drugs, prescription drugs and even over-the counter drugs can compromise your ability to operate a vehicle.
  • Drive defensively. Every tip we’ve covered to this point is a sound defensive driving strategy. So what’s left? Around the holidays, drivers get impatient, and impatience can lead to aggressive driving. If you suspect you’re sharing the road with an aggressive driver, give them plenty of space, and do not engage with them.

Stay Safe!

Source: Texas Mutual Insurance Company

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